What is the Heart-Led Artist Pathway?


The Heart-Led Artist Pathway is a four-week course introducing the ideas and structure behind my six month mentorship course Heart-Led Artist Freedom Journey.

Through January 2024 we’ll define the concept of artistic identity, seeking to understand what it is, how to develop it and why it matters as you pursue growth in your individual style as an artist and find deep meaning and satisfaction in your creative process.

As your mentor for this course, I’ll be sharing honest exposition of my own artistic journey and how I have found myself in my art, and how I continue to coach myself to further growth as an independent established artist.
image of an artist's work surface

How the course works:

The course is made up of four modules, each spanning one week. The module topics are:

  1. Artistic Identity - what is artistic identity and how is it developed?
  2. Growing Skill - as an artist in self-development, how does skill building become applied beyond merely copying another artist?
  3. Creating in Community - what is a healthy creative community? How is it developed? What roles do mentors play and what can one expect from a mentorship relationship? This module also includes a live discussion session via Zoom.
  4. Creating Intuitive Process - steps for developing your unique creative process in an intuitive, heart-prioritizing way.

Each module is made up of three parts:

  1. An artist talk. In this part of the module, I will introduce the topic being covered and share how it impacts my own personal artistic practice and my mindset. 
  2. A journal assignment. I'll ask questions to prompt your own deep thinking on the topic and unpack where you might be feeling blocked. If you don't find a journaling practice beneficial, I would encourage you to choose whatever method works best for you to organize your thoughts and reflect and commit to that for the duration of the course.
  3. An art assignment. In this section I'll suggest ways you can APPLY the concepts in the module to your unique artistic practice

Who should take this course

You're ready for Heart-Led Artist Pathway if:

  • you are actively painting and seeking to make a transition from copying your reference material or other artists, and want to find the freedom to develop an individual personal style that defines your work and identity.
  • you're ready to craft an independent practice and really believe in the value of the art you alone can create.

The course will include journaling assignments as you redefine ideas around identity, growth and artistic success, exercises to expand your painting practice and invite more diversity into your art, and behind the scenes looks at my own art practice. The course includes a classroom section where you can discuss what you are learning with others in the course, as well as a live discussion period via Zoom (attendance optional).

The course is now closed for enrollment.


Your Mentor for this Course

Angela Fehr

Hi! I'm Angela Fehr. I'm just an ordinary person who always wanted to make art, and hoped that maybe I could be good enough to call myself an artist. I started painting with very few options for growth and mentorship and my desire to paint has always outweighed my talent. But as it turns out, this positions me perfectly to serve as a mentor and guide for other artists who feel the same way about their potential; if your desire outweighs your time, talent and opportunities, I'm here to share with you how the very things that feel like obstacles can become assets to your art journey. I have created an art career out of the truth that authenticity is more valuable than skill and by developing a values-based approach to painting I have learned that I can pour into my art the things that I love and value the most, and they will not only help me make art that reflects me, art that I truly love and am deeply fulfilled by, but it has also created my most resonant work. I have actually found that in showing up flawed and authentic, most naturally me, I have found there is space for me in the world of art. And you can find that too!

Course curriculum

    1. Artist Talk: What is artistic identity?

    2. Make a Rule-Breaking Space (Journal Assignment)

    3. Week 1 Journal Assignment Printable

    4. Module 1 Assignment: Working in a Series

    5. Artist Studio Talk: How repetition and rule-breaking work together

    6. Guest Lecture: Working in a Series

    7. Apply It: Module 1

    1. Week 2 Artist Talk: Learn Like a Master

    2. Bonus: Copying Legally

    3. Module 2 Journal: Addressing avoidance

    4. Module 2 Printable

    5. Repetition (Series) Guide

    6. Module 2 Assignment: Permission Pages

    7. Module 2 Assignment: 21 Strategies

    8. Apply It: Module 2

    1. Artist Talk: Whither Community?

    2. Module 3: Journal Intro

    3. Module 3: Journal Printable

    4. Live Session Date & Talking Points

    5. Module 3: Discussion

    6. Assignment: Alternate Ways to Foster Learning in Community

    7. Reading List: Mentors in Mindset

    8. Apply It: Module 3

    1. Artist Talk: Process or Protection?

    2. Artist Talk: Creating Intuitive Process

    3. Journal Assignment: Check in with your heart

    4. Assignment: Create Your Intuitive Process

    5. Module 4 Notes

    6. Bonus: 17 Strategies for Skill-Building and Creativity

    7. Apply It: Module 4

    1. Follow Up: Wrap Up & Next Steps via Zoom

    2. Bonus: Louise Fletcher Interview on Mindset

    3. What's Next? Where to go from here:

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 38 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Find your heart-prioritizing artistic voice with me!

The course is now closed for enrollment.


  • When does the course begin?

    The first module opens for the class on January 3rd. Each successive module opens for enrollment on the following Wednesday.

  • What if the course isn't right for me?

    Try the course for 14 days. If for any reason the course isn't a fit for you, we will refund your money if a request for refund is made during the trial period.

  • I can't attend the live sessions. Is there a recording?

    Yes! Attendance at the live sessions is optional. A recording will be made available to you following the broadcast.

  • What watercolour techniques will I learn in this course?

    This is not a "how to paint in watercolour" course. Our focus will be on applying artistic principles as independent artists.