Click to watch: The Heart-Led Artist Journey

opening for enrollment March 4, 2024

What is the Heart-Led Artist?

I believe that a heart-led artist is one who has learned the beautiful truth; that your desire alone qualifies you to make art; that you can love the art you make; that you are the only one who can make the art you're meant to make. 

I believe that beautiful art is made from a beautiful process and you can design a process that is individual to you, that you love, while also growing your skills, your way. In the Heart-Led Artist course series, I offer a guidebook for you to design YOUR ideal art practice; one that supports you the artist and is as unique and individual as you are. 

Learn as I learn!

  • Art is Relational

    As artists, we embark on a deeply relational journey of personal connection with our own art. And we have opportunity to build relationship with other heart-prioritizing artists and make meaningful connections.

  • Focus Skill Development

    The best artists consider themselves to be lifelong students of art. The skilled artist mindset is one of self-directed student, and I will demonstrate how I create a learning environment that invites diversity and growth into my creative practice.

  • Structure a Thriving Process

    A thriving independent artist is one who knows what kind of process helps them thrive and seeks to create that environment. I will share with you how I create a safe space for my heart to be prioritized, even when the situation of working as a professional artist can feel competitive and stifling to creativity.

Your Instructor & Mentor

Angela Fehr

Hi! I'm Angela Fehr. I'm just an ordinary person who always wanted to make art, and hoped that maybe I could be good enough to call myself an artist. 

I started painting with very few options for growth and mentorship and my desire to paint has always outweighed my talent. But as it turns out, this positions me perfectly to serve as a mentor and guide for other artists who feel the same way about their potential; if your desire outweighs your time, talent and opportunities, I'm here to share with you how the very things that feel like obstacles can become assets to your art journey.